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McFLY "Drabble" Fiction

for those of us who are too lazy to write long fics

McFLY "Drabble" Fics
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Welcome to mcfly_drabbles - a community that brings you "drabble" fics, featuring the British band McFLY.

This community was created and is maintained by playpretend.

What are "drabble" fics?

"Drabble" fics are short fictional stories that are only of 100 words.

What is accepted in this community?

- All fiction posted must include McFLY - This is a pretty obvious rule. The pairs can vary to involve whoever you like, as long as one half is a member of McFLY.
- All fiction must be 100 words approx. - 100 words, give or take a few. Short and sharp is how we like 'em.
- Slash is welcome! - Slash fics (fictions of homosexual nature) are preferred. Het fics are allowed, but it's all about the slash. FletchJones, PoynterJudd, whatever your chosen pairing. This also means this community does not accept any "OMGZ THEY R GHEY???? WTF EW!" comments. Which brings the next point to attention..
- Type in standard English - Please refrain from typing like you've just strolled out of the ghetto. The point of posting fics is so that others can read them, so please check over your spelling and punctuation. Dictionary.com is your friend.
- Standalones or many-part stories are allowed - If you feel that you'd like to write a few "drabbles" to make a story, great! As long as each part is still approx. 100, then go for it!
- All posts must be "Friends Only" - Please make sure anything you post is set to "Friends Only". Only members can read and comment on fics.
- No abuse to other members - It's not accepted in this community, no matter who starts it. Constructive critism is allowed, but not to the point where you insult another person's hard work. If you do not like the fic you are reading, scroll by it. No one likes to hear their work being trod into the ground, so please respect that. Abusive language is allowed in the actual fic, but is not allowed to be used against another member.
- Do not advertise - This community is not a place to advertise other communities.
- Do not spam - Please do not leave entries informing members of McFLY's latest antics, as there are other communities for that purpose. Keep this community to fiction posts only.
- Try and be as original as possible - It's great to see something completely different posted. Originality is the way forward, so let your imagination run wild!

How do I post a fic?

Always use the codes below as a guide. It is all set out for you, all you have to do is copy/paste it into your update box, and fill in the necessary information:

Are there any other community features?

From time to time, there may be competitions held. For example, a themed write-off, where the topic might be simply named "I'll Be Okay", or something McFLY related, and members can take part and write fics that are related to the title. Competitions and prizes will vary. These competitions will be judged by the maintainer.


This community is not affilated to McFLY or their management in any way, and should be taken lightly, as it is purely for fun. None of the fictions you read in this community are true to life and are just that, FICTION. This community is, under no circumstances, meant to be offensive to any member of McFLY. We are fans and love everything about them here. It's all in the name of fun, boys and girls.

The maintainer also holds the right to delete any fic posted, that is unacceptable, and remove any members who do not follow the rules of the community.


Please feel free to promote this community, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could. Just take the graphic below and link it back here. If you would like to become affilates, a link to your community will be added to this page, in return for our graphic on yours. To do so, please contact the maintainer.

For any more information, please contact the maintainer at playpretend, or send an IM to firedupgasoline.